WHAT IS REPORTAGE - Silhouette Reportage Wedding Photography, Bournemouth

Reportage, Photojournalism and Documentary Photography are all terms you may be familiar with, but what do they REALLY mean?

Reportage photography, along with photojournalism and documentary styles are generally regarded as recording TRUE events, as they happen with NO direction from the photographer.

Just as wedding photography is steeped in tradition, so too is reportage or photojournalism photography. Whilst traditional wedding photographers were used to shooting on film and mentally counting the cost of every frame of film which was generally printed, if only to 'proof' standard, Photojournalists would happily shoot many rolls of film knowing they would only need to develop and contact sheet each film to capture that one 'money making' headline image.

With the rapid advance of digital photography technology and capture it was inevitable that the traditional wedding photographers would not only adopt the 'rapid fire' techniques of photojournalists but also their documentary and 'reportage' style, seeing and recording details and candids alongside the more recognisable group and family photos and Bride and Groom portraits. Almost every wedding photographer's website will nowadays describe how they capture your special day unobtrusively in a reportage style. However, to obtain many of the images they shoot, a certain amount of control and direction is required. In order to create TRUE reportage photography then the photographer should have NO interaction with their subjects and this is how we achieve our images.