BLACK & WHITE OR COLOUR - Silhouette Reportage Wedding Photography, Bournemouth


Today's professional digital cameras are capable of producing stunning results especially in low light situations. Coupled with our fast prime professional lenses it is now possible to shoot through the ceremony unobtrusively, without flash, capturing all the key moments.

We shoot all our images in RAW (digital negative) so that the many different lighting conditions (daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, even candlelight!) that we encounter during our time with you can be adjusted in post processing to give a pleasing colour balance.

Just as a landscape artist, for example, prefers to work in watercolours or acrylics, as true reportage photographic artists we prefer to produce most of our images in timeless black and white. Using specialist shooting techniques at the time of capture, the very latest software (and years of experience!) we have perfected our style and art. The end results are images displaying gorgeous rich blacks and bright whites, with every tone of grey in between. When shooting, we 'see' in black and white, concentrating on the subject form, lighting and especially the emotion to produce the complete works of art you can view throughout this site and in our albums.

However, we appreciate a wedding is a colourful event and you may have spent a great deal of time in choosing and perfecting your colour theme, so we will present your images in a mixture of colour and black and white.